You just took a pregnancy test, and you think you might be pregnant. If the pregnancy is unplanned, your first temptation may be to abort it quietly.

Under the law, you don’t have to get anyone else’s permission, no matter what choice you make (the exception to that is if you are a minor and your state has a parental notification or consent law.)

However, is keeping everything to yourself the best option for you?

Do You Know For Sure You Are Pregnant?

Before agonizing over what choice you will make or who you should tell, you need to make sure you are pregnant. Here at the Pregnancy Help Center in Galveston, we can provide you with a no-cost pregnancy test and ultrasound.

Our experienced medical team will also inform you of crucial facts on all your options. Contact us today to set up your confidential appointment.

Should You Involve Your Partner In Your Choice?

Women get pregnant at all stages of a relationship. Some have just met, others are married.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I Have A Good Relationship?

If you have a healthy, solid relationship that you hope will last for many years, you might want to consider making this pregnancy decision together. If made on your own, it could be a difficult secret to keep, as well as harmful to your future together.

2. Could My Partner Provide the Support I Need?

If you are in a good and lasting relationship, could they provide the love and partnership you need to face the choice you make? Could having a strong support system change your pregnancy choice?

How Can the Pregnancy Help Center of Galveston Help You?

Pregnancy Help Center of Galveston can provide vital information to both you and your partner.

We offer women no-cost appointments, which include pregnancy testing, an ultrasound, and options information.

In addition, we also have appointments just for men. We can give him the same valuable information we provide to you, as well as answer all his questions.

At the Pregnancy Help Center of Galveston, we care about you! Please contact us today.