Is My Partner Really Pregnant?

We understand you may feel out of control at the moment. You may have so many questions about how this happened and feel frustrated, anxious, or confused. Though it may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders — you are not alone. Your partner really needs you right now. You may be asking yourself…

  • She’s pregnant. What do we do now?
  • How much will this cost?
  • Is the baby really mine?
  • Should we tell our parents?
  • What about adoption?
  • What does she expect from me?

Try your best to process the news on your own and seek support so you can confidently support your partner during this vital time. Before deciding on a pregnancy decision, make sure your partner confirms her pregnancy through lab-grade pregnancy testing and an ultrasound at our center today. Talk to our caring and non-judgmental team to get any of your questions answered. Learn what’s next for you and your partner.

She’s Pregnant, Now What?

After confirming your partner’s pregnancy result with lab-grade pregnancy testing and ultrasound, be informed about all your pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. It’s important to talk through options with your partner and someone you trust. Our team can help you navigate all your questions and concerns about each option.

Listen and be available for your partner whenever she needs you. This is the best way to support her right now. You can do this.

Resources & Support

We not only have the advice and support you need as you’re facing this unexpected journey with your partner, but we have practical resources for you. Schedule your appointment today to learn about what kind of material support you need, parenting classes info, and more.

We are here for you!