How to Support a Friend Who is Pregnant

Where do you begin when trying to support a friend who is unexpectedly pregnant? You may be nervous to even try, as they may be in an unstable emotional state or confused about what’s next. All you can do is try your best, and we are here to give you advice about where to begin.

Your friend who just found out she is pregnant has a million questions on her mind. She’s thinking about how pregnancy will affect her life financially, her schooling, what her family and partner think, and what’s next. The knowledge that she is not alone will mean the world to her. 

First Steps to Supporting Her

Here are some practical ways to start supporting your friend during an unexpected pregnancy. These simple steps will go a long way…

  • Listen! Get to know where your friend is at by simply listening to her and letting her express her feelings. Listen with no intention of responding a certain way, but taking it in first. Your presence with her will remind her of your support.
  • Offer her your support in sharing the news with her partner and family/friends if she needs help. It can seem so overwhelming to share the news alone. Suggest different ways of sharing the news and advice on how to present it.
  • Remind her that she has pregnancy options and that there is support available. Share that she can receive free pregnancy confirmation services at our center today. She can make a confidential appointment here.

What Steps to Avoid

There are also some ways you should avoid going about supporting your friend in her unexpected pregnancy. Some things to avoid include:

  • Shaming her in any way. Your friend may already feel embarrassed at the fact that she’s pregnant. She needs all the positive thoughts that you have!
  • Pressuring her. Your friend is ultimately the one who will decide what’s next. You can suggest ideas and give advice, but she is the one who has to live with the decision. Encourage her, but try not to pressure her in any way.
  • Drawing back from her. Again, your friend probably feels isolated and alone at times with her unexpected pregnancy. That’s normal to feel, but you don’t want her to feel stuck there. Do your best to draw near as much as she will let you. Be the friend that never leaves.

Get Support Today

We know it’s tough and complicated to know how to support your friend during this time. Talk to a team member of ours today to ask questions, get advice, and learn about our free and confidential support that your friend can benefit from. You can do this!