We know how scary it can be to see that positive sign come up on a pregnancy test. There are thoughts and questions that you have never had to face before, but know you are not in this by yourself. First, confirm your pregnancy with our lab-quality pregnancy testing to be sure. This is your next best step!

If you haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet, common symptoms that point to pregnancy include:

  • A missed period (this is a must)
  • Tender, swollen breasts
  • Nausea with or without vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Increased urination 

How Does A Pregnancy Test Work?

Pregnancy tests are normally very quick and painless to confirm pregnancy. A pregnancy test is made to detect the hCG pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin. When done correctly and at the right time, a pregnancy test picks up the right amount of hCG hormone in your urine to confirm if you’re pregnant or not.

When Should I Take A Test?

This is key to getting the right results back! If you have a missed period, wait at least a week before taking your first pregnancy test. Many women get anxious about waiting, but this is the best way to get accurate results. 

Though home pregnancy tests are almost always accurate, there is always a chance for error. Schedule a free and confidential appointment with us to confirm your pregnancy with our lab-quality grade pregnancy testing today. We can help answer any questions that come up as well.

If Your Pregnancy Test Is Positive

If you receive a positive pregnancy test at home and with a lab-quality pregnancy test, an ultrasound is your next best step to confirming the details of your pregnancy. An ultrasound allows you to know what options you’re eligible for by confirming the viability of your pregnancy, how far along you are, and the location of your pregnancy. 

Schedule an appointment with us today to learn your pregnancy test results and be informed about all your options. We are here for you.