When it comes to your pregnancy, you have more than one option. If you feel pressured to choose abortion by a partner, family member, or healthcare professional, know you have the final say. No one should ever make you feel like abortion is your only option.

What Are My Other Options?

You have two options besides abortion regarding your pregnancy decision: adoption and parenting. 

1. Adoption

Adoption has improved for the sake of the birth mother over the years. There are three types of adoption plans to choose from, allowing you to choose one that works best for your lifestyle and whether you desire to have a relationship with your child or not.

  • Open adoption offers open communication with the adoptive family and child, allowing you still to be a significant part of your child’s life.
  • Semi-open adoption is where all communication is done through an adoption professional who can help you regulate how much contact you have..
  • Lastly, closed adoption is the most limited regarding communication, as this plan protects your identity and allows you to remain anonymous throughout the adoption process.

2. Parenting

All parents have their doubts and fears when it comes to raising a child. It seems like the most challenging decision, or even impossible for some. Parenting can be a rewarding and amazing journey with the right support and resources. The joy of parenting outweighs the difficulties that come with the process. 

Maybe you have questions like, “Do I have the support I need from my family or partner?” or “Can I continue school or further my career goals while parenting?”

Our caring team at Pregnancy Help Center Galveston can help you navigate these questions along the way. Parenting takes resources and support, and we have free and confidential material support available as well.

Whether you choose adoption or parenting, we can discuss your options to determine what’s best for your unique journey. You are not alone. Schedule a no-cost appointment today.