Each woman will have different mental health effects from abortion. This is because every woman’s situation is unique, as are her reasons for considering abortion.

Studies have shown, however, that many women experience adverse mental health effects that are triggered by abortion. Here’s more information on the findings of those studies:

What Are the Mental Health Effects of Abortion?

The British Journal of Psychiatry published a report of findings from 22 studies. These studies evaluated the experiences of 877,181 participants, of whom 163,831 had abortions.

The results showed that women who had an abortion had an 81% increased risk of mental health problems. Nearly 10% of the incidence of mental health problems was directly attributable to abortion.

This study reviewed the specific mental health problems of depression, anxiety, suicidal behavior, substance use and abuse, social phobias, and more.

Who is at Risk for Mental Health Effects?

It’s helpful to think about how you might feel after an abortion since you know yourself better than anyone.

Researchers have identified some common risk factors, like existing mental health conditions, that women could face after their abortions.

Some of the other risk factors include feeling pressured into abortion, or choosing an abortion without paying attention to maternal desires or moral beliefs about abortion.

It’s important to try to determine how you feel about abortion, aside from what others are telling or pressuring you to do. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re having a hard time identifying how you feel: 

  • Am I being pressured? If so, who is pressuring me?
  • Do I have any conflicting beliefs?
  • Do I have any existing maternal desires?
  • What is my mental health history? 
  • How would I react after an abortion?
  • Am I comfortable with abortion being a part of my story?

Before Your Abortion

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